While watching XMen: Apocalypse, I once again realized that McAvoy has nailed the anguished wetting of the eyes empathy like a pro. He sees Magneto's pain, the loss of his wife and daughter due to officers of his town questioning him on if he was that "murderous mutant in Washington" with a "rogue arrow" impaling them in the woods near his home. The first mutant, awakened by the sun through an ancient chunk of ritual pyramid rock that laid him deep under Cairo, unearthed by Egyptian followers unknowingly (Rose Byrne's Moira is investigating sources about a serious threat, her CIA Intel providing her the wherewithal to find him), affords Magneto the incentive and power to possibly "cleanse the earth" and cause global catastrophe by exploiting his rage and fury. I get why those critical of the film feel it is getting a bit repetitive. Some of the dramatic storytelling tricks (mutant strife and human racism towards them; mutants adapting to their powers and feelings towards them; Jean Grey and Scott "Cyclops" Summers budding relationship and how Wolverine emerges as a threat to what they might have; Raven / Mystique dealing with whether or not she feels like a viable candidate to join Xavier's school; Charles Xavier and Magneto's difficulty finding alliance when they often oppose each other due to human / mutant philosophical differences) are rather familiar, but the actors involved just have amazing star power. Fassbinder's magnetism and quiet intensity, Lawrence's strength and survivor instincts, Nich Hoult's yearning (for Lawrence) and nerdy but endearing protégé of Xavier (inventor and teacher), Sophie Turner's reluctance in embracing her dangerous pent-up telepathic power, and McAvoy with all that hope and empathy, seeing a better world where both human and mutant coexist, make up quite a cast that are a dream collection of talent.