The Ultimate Shocker - Pulse

The general consensus of 80s genre film is that there was a lot of suck. I couldn't disagree more. There are lots of gems. One day I'll get on that write-up for The Sender (1982), starring Zeljko Ivanek and Kathryn Harrold. But there are some sleepers just waiting for new audiences, newer, younger faces. Speaking of young faces, Joey Lawrence is a kid star for this little sci-fi thriller about this "alien signal" (a kooky electrician calls it "the pulse") that finds its way into the home of his pop (Cliff De Young) and stepmom (Roxanne Hart). I really like Hart in this. She is genuinely affectionate and personable towards Lawrence and that translates well in her favor on-screen. Lawrence is thankfully not an annoying, irritating brat. Obviously he is bummed about his parents divorcing, but Hart appeals to his good graces as they spend time together. When the pulse uses the hot water heater to scald her in the shower, it is horrifying, amplified significantly because she's so likable and undeserved of that unwarranted attack. That's one of several eye popping scenes in the film. The special effects are particularly good. Like when the circuit board in the TV/VCR serves as an epicenter/conduit for the signal pulse to develop and work. The pulse is a menace that seems to function as a threat towards humankind. It functions/travels through any outlet and current...the garbage disposal in the kitchen and a running chainsaw in the basement will attest to this. Just the way the pulse operates, the visual effects of it are impressive. Cool little movie. I have more--probably too much, heh--to say about it.