Evan Peters cut his teeth on the seasons of American Horror Story, and he also found his niche as Quicksilver, stealing entire sequences in both of the last two XMen movies. In Apocalypse, he had a plum rescue scene where he uses his speed to interrupt an explosion killing all of Xavier's students inside the school. How he not only saves them, but reacts to an awkward first kiss, or takes a slurp of Tab, or spikes a kid's hair just gives us a fun character that brings a much needed humor during a traumatic situation. The 80s retro styles and pop culture items only add to Quicksilver's charm. Like the Pacman arcade game, Rush poster, TV on Knight Rider, among other items and references are amusing to spot. He fits within that time so effortlessly. His inability to tell Magneto he's his son, all that discomfort and cowardice due to the fear of his reaction, and the antisocial basement dwelling due to a difficulty acclimating in society (again the mutant angst as racism seems to siphon comfort in being who they are out in the open) really give Peters a character to make his own, a speedy and clever pun-artiste surely deserved of his own film...I can dream, can't I?