A thought came to mind as I was thinking about The VVitch (2016), in regards to another film, The Blair Witch Project (1999). Neither is related to the other, and yet I still had them both intermingled in the brain. Here are these college kids going into the woods of Maryland pursuing a myth. That myth is built effectively in The VVitch. The Blair Witch is a completely different witch, in terms of what she was supposedly responsible for in comparison to those in the surrounding wilderness of The VVitch, but yet the scary idea of what we realized in the latter surfacing in the former, reaping the harvest [the trio who found their way into the lair of a witch they mockingly didn't take seriously]. But more than anything else that smothering vastness of the woods, as trees hold those inside the wilderness seemingly hostage, and the predominant fear of what might exist, anywhere and everywhere, as danger could arise at any time really is what relates them, even if content and period separate them.