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Sex Spa II: Body Work

 Mark Weiler is a full body massage therapist working for Michelle Lay, secretly sexually involved with clients who seem to use the excuse of the establishment to weekly visit to fuck him. For a lot of guys, that seems like the perfect job. He, however, wants to open his own massage business, but the rich clients that might could potentially financially assist him are mostly married or only interested in having sex, not discussions about some other massage location to frequent for that orgasm lacking at home.  Kaylani Lei is a fellow massage therapist and part-time lover of Weiler. This guy is living almost his best life. I guess he's of that 1% or whatever the fuck YouTube video dudes label guys women flock to and have hard times forgetting when he discards them unceremoniously. He just wants to be a boss instead of Lay's underling...he makes her a lot of money, but how much is that his hands smoothing aches and pains as opposed to his mouth, tongue, and cock making the client

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