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Halloween Diary 2021 - Dracula's Daughter (3.5/5)

  I did notice this year when scanning the reviews on Letterboxd that plenty of twenty-somethings have really honed in on what they perceive to be lesbian subtext. To them Countess Zaleska's vampirism is latent lesbianism she wishes to "cure", requesting help from a psychiatrist to successfully be "released" of this "curse" that seems to prevent her from walking about "freely". Sandor is the side of her that believes she should embrace it, not reject it, accept who she is and surrender to it instead. I personally just look at what she endures as vampirism, responsible for her bloodlust because of her father transferring it to her. But the beauty of movies is you can project whatever you so desire to them. If you think Zaleska's situation is based on something more subtextual, cool. I just go with the simpler of plots myself.  What seemed to latch onto me is how Professor Von Helsing (I never noticed him called Von until tonight while watc

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