Closing thoughts on my freshest look at Dawn of the Dead in 2016, I recognize that Flyboy, as Roger unfortunately did, brought about his fate on himself. Peter tells Flyboy to keep out of sight and allow the Raiders to infiltrate the mall, do their looting, and bring upon themselves zombies in large numbers to compete against. But he feels a keen obligation to defend his turf and make sure those crashing his domicile suffer for doing so. Like a homesteader defending his land from trespassers, Flyboy is doing this against the Raiders. They had done this to the zombies, but due to the intruders the mall is no longer theirs...this domicile is reclaimed by the zombies.

Flyboy engages in gunfire, runs around trying to avoid them, hopes to use the elevator to make his exit, and is unable to avoid a gunshot to the arm by a biker. The elevator will be flooded by a horde that go right at Flyboy who will have no escape. He couldn't help himself and Peter was helpless to stop him from getting involved where he shouldn't have. Ironically Flyboy, who had commented about how it should not be difficult to overcome the current impending apocalypse, is a very example of why humans are losing.

The decision to allow Peter to live I consider the right one. Not wanting to leave was a bit baffling to me as a teenager, but I guess it is similar to why Flyboy decided not to disengage himself from the Raiders/zombie infiltration...both Peter and Stephen laid down roots and called the mall their home. Hopping on the chopper with Fran allowed the two of them to find a potential new home...where that would be is up to imagination.