Todd & the Book of Pure Evil - Simply the Beast

"2, 4, 6, 8. Who do we eviscerate?"

"Noodle arms" Ariel (Brooke Palsson) is kicked off the cheerleading squad by head cheerleader hottie, Wanda (Courtney-Jane White), a demanding taskmaster underwhelmed by her lack of synchronicity. When Ariel turns up missing, her fellow cheerleaders are scared of a beast (completely made up by Todd and Curtis on the fly, spreading across the school quickly!), with two of them, Jasmine and Crystal (Kate Yacula and Alisson Amigo), also going missing. All that is left behind are the ripped residue of what once resembled cheerleading outfits. On the day of a pep rally, the three girls appear, now muscled, very hairy, roided up lunatics punching holes through faces and ripping off arms of students! Todd will attempt to implement a fighting strategy that doesn't quite go according to plan, with Hannah giving him advice and Curtis stirring up the crowd. Eventually Jenny initiates an argument that turns them against each other. Todd pretty much takes credit for their success without offering much in the way of real heroism or leadership, although, according to him, their survival depends on him! Wanda goes all out with the "jizz" insults. Jenny plots to join the squad, which eventually consists of only Wanda! Gory episode even has heads pulled off the necks complete with squishy, squirting blood! The Book of Pure Evil makes a minor appearance, appearing as a belt buckle for Ariel, in her monster weightlifter form. I wish the show had went with the obvious sexual tension between Jenny and Wanda! They would cut each other down but the chemistry is undeniable. And there's some fun minor lesbian undertones between Jasmine and Crystal. Jimmy has a small part telling Todd not to put his team in a box, but allow them to be creative in this fight.


Atticus has his dad's severed head kept with him, often talking to it with him speaking in his voice in response! It is weird and perfectly acceptable on this particular show.