Todd & the Book of Pure Evil - 2 Girls, 1 Tongue

Love is Heaven, Love is Hell

Whatta ya know, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil had a musical episode. Each song, if you are familiar with the show, runs the lowbrow route with plenty of cock and balls jokes. There's a freedom on this show to go to a crude, naughty place. Fuck and shit, horny and masturbate, all the topics and profanity, accompanied by gore and absurd violence. The Book of Pure Evil is an obvious ode to the Necronomicon. It flies away at the end of episodes once its presence is recognized, its cover blown.

Something Evil Has Happened to Me

This show loves going stark, raving mad. Oh there is a method to it, and the musical interludes prove that. Through the musical interludes (even when Jason Mewes has his own song while in the middle of sweeping a classroom and seeing Nikki and Todd together outside!), Book of Pure Evil continues to develop its alternate stories for the main cast. The show goes for sleazy humor, unashamed and delighting in its approach. This show has no qualms dedicating whole episodes to a raunchy mentality.

Phantom Me, Phantom You, Bitch

Hannah has been “substituted” with Charlotte who is under the spell of the Book of Pure Evil, her tongue currently gone. Charlotte has Curtis to herself and wants to keep it that way. Hannah is around the school wearing a white mask that covers her pretty face (her face isn’t scarred or anything; it is just her tongue was gone, but she replaces it all quick-like with a black plastic substitute so she can sing her lamentation), and she bears a red cape, haunting the halls as the Phantom of Crowley High! Hannah’s goal is to get rid of Charlotte and prove her to be a fraud, and, in turn, win back Curtis who is all confused.

So Sincerely Sorry

In a separate story thread, Todd is serious about fornicating with Jenny. Jenny throws up the barrier, telling him their relationship is platonic, not sexual. She doesn’t want a romance, just friendship. So he discovers Nikki, a hot dropout walking about the high school grounds. Instant desire and lust, for which Nikki encourages through long looks and seductive responses to his advances. Jenny, when seeing this, realizes her error. That she truly does want to make love to Todd, that she has feelings for him she can’t defy. But is it too late?

No More Tears

Atticus has his own story thread with these much older Satanists in red robes debating turning on him, preparing to end his life as he is considered a liability to them. He also continues to have conversations with his father’s head, even performing a piano interlude dedicated to him! There’s even an interlude about wolf rape. Yeah, it does go off the deep end quite a bit.