Charmed - The Bare Witch Project

Besides McGowan filling up her green dress quite nicely, and a fun use of the character of Lady Godiva, this episode of Charmed offers a unique folly on how repression can be quite a big deal…especially when a demon exploits oppression buried in others to gain strength. Paige has been involved in getting a magic school continued for kids with powers, needing guidance and teaching in how to handle them. Phoebe has taken some time away from her advice column but the person in charge of it during her sabbatical is a guy (Nick Lachey) she feels doesn’t speak with her voice. And Piper contends with raising two kids while Leo is fighting demons, expecting him to help her in parenting so she isn’t always a single mom. Both Piper and Leo are fine candidates for the demon, Lord Dyson, to draw repressive thoughts from…well maybe Piper, but Leo is so repressed drawing from him might cause unforeseen consequences! When a kid uses a spell to draw Godiva (who was riding horseback naked in order to voice her cause against oppression, causing Dyson to perish) and Dyson from a historical book, it could alter the course of history in a very bad way. Keeping Godiva safe is top priority although doing so won’t be easy as Dyson continues to feed from folks throughout San Francisco, gaining much in power. With a clever title, The Bare Witch Project, and Godiva freeing her robe to expose herself much to the discomfort of The 3, this episode is another bubblegum effort devoid of much high drama, although Leo is told that a major elder is missing (he had to kill an elder in protection of his son). Good to see John de Lancie as an elder, Odin, at odds with Paige over running a magic school full of misfits with seemingly no control over their magic. John de Lancie had become so tied to Q that we forget he could venture outside that one particular character. Kristen Miller is just right as the gorgeous fish out of water, quite taken aback by the century of the 3 while Maury Sterling is nicely snarly and maleficent as the scheming demon looking to capitalize on those around him so completely caging their feelings, as fighting and violence erupt as a result of his handiwork.

Milano and Lachey do share a sunny chemistry, not really arguing with any real hostility, rather warm to each other, finding common ground as both wish to protect and nurture her column. Piper just arrives right as Leo is vanquishing a demon with kids in tow, not taking no for an answer when he tries to convince her that he was busy at the moment, wanting her time to work. The whole “breastfeeding on sidewalk restaurant” situation Phoebe is bothered by, as Piper is told she must leave if giving her baby “milk right from the natural tap”, gets a Godiva stance, complete with horse and naked Milano right on the street of San Francisco as onlookers cheer her on! I love me some McGowan circa 2004…she is just yummy. The altered 2004 San Francisco, when returning Godiva and Dyson to their time resulted in her death and his victory of oppression causing history to change to the detriment of the female race, is a hilarious and unexpected detour; this shows that magic can certainly lend itself to more than a slight degree difficulty.