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Vampire Knight - Night of the Vampires​


So I'm kinda stuck on a vampire theme, here lately. While I'm watching The Vampire Diaries with my wife and teenage daughter, I picked up an anime series for my son (who loves anime, a chip off the ole block), called Vampire Knight. I thought my love of anime isn't emphasized enough on the blog so why not use VK as the means to do so. It's a template so to speak.

So imagine a school called Cross Academy. It is separated by two classes: Day School & Night School. Humans attend the Day School and vampires attend Night School. Blood tablets are used to satiate vampires (thinking Tru Blood as a substitute for vampires in True Blood) but, of course, it isn't like fresh blood right from human cattle. To insure vampires behave themselves at night and that human girls don't get so smitten and giddy to go to see them at night, guardians are used as watchmen. Well two adopted kids who were raised by the headmaster, Cross, children of supposed vampire-killed parents, Yuki and Zero, are selected as guardians. They will be tasked, it seems, with both protecting humans and continuing their school studies. It appears quite difficult and quite unfair. This first episode details an early childhood memory where a specific vampire named Kaname rescued Yuki from being bitten by another vampire. She is in love with him, or at least adores him. Zero hates vampires and has a gun that is especially dangerous if not fatal to them, called "bloody rose". When a vampire student hungers for a cut wound on Yuki when she drops from a tree limb, sinking a tooth in for a taste, Kaname once again emerges to save the day. A couple school girls just wanted a few photos of Hanabusa and Akatsuki, two popular vampire students. Hanabusa just can't help himself and will face disciplinary action for his bite of Yuki.

What this episode does is recognize potential danger that exists and how the headmaster wants a peaceful coexistence. Zero doesn't trust vampires and could very well be one himself. He leaves tablets in a barn with a peculiar horse while also eyeing Yuki's throat after she had taken a shower. Cross so desperately wants his "kids" to look at him as a father, but they are focusing their attention elsewhere.