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I have been having insomniac episodes on late Sundays (the dread of Monday rolling around I reckon), and Chiller TV has a slated lineup of episodes which serve as background for me while I do whatever in the hopes of getting some sleep. From 2009 – 2011, I returned to college to get my Paralegal Degree and during that time I revisited the show. It reawakened in me (now an adult in my thirties) a newfound bond to the show and its leads that hadn’t necessarily been lost, just dormant until the chance to return to them after time distant.

A handful of second season episodes were on when I cut to Chiller, so I went into my library to find the first four seasons of the show. This blog is where my attention is turned now that the IMDb shut down its message boards and my heart for writing user comments on there is every bit extinguished. My love for the show just grows with each passing year. Duchovny and Anderson, who returned last year with Carter to give us six episodes to enjoy with them once again, gave me and likeminded fans characters deserved of affection and entrenched, prolonged admiration. All the classic shows do or have done that. The X-Files was no different.