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True Blood.....

So here's where I've reached as we head towards the end of the first season....

  • Eric sees great value in Sookie, with Bill informing her that because he's a sheriff, they're required to adhere to requests "as long as they are reasonable". Eric wants to weed out a thief at Fangtasia.
  • Stephen Root's aging gay vampire aches for Lafayette, willing to supply blood in exchange for sexual favors
  • Swamp voodoo, despite its obvious con-artistry, seems to have exorcized Tara's demonic alcoholism.
  • Tara just can't have a good fuck with Sam without turning on him with nasty profane backlash
  • Jason is so caught up with new age hippy, Amy, he wants to "lick her brain"
  • Amy, with all her spiritual outlook on life, is one cold-blooded addict when the wondrous effects of V leaves her. Root finds that out.
  • Arlene tries to contain her vamp racism to a point, if just because she loves Sookie, but her kids babysat with Bill in the house leaves much to be desired. Rene seems to be the level-headed one, but looks can be deceiving (yes, I've seen the first two seasons). Rene proposing brings attention to Bill and Sookie's romance
  • Speaking of Sookie and Bill, when agonizing the possible loss of her Civil War vampire, the two get hot and heavy when he emerges from the ground after three days.
  • Sam is spotted running naked in the woods by Andy and Terry while they are fishing. Sam capitalizes on Terry's PTSD by questioning what he saw while telling Andy he was from a family of naturists!
  • Sam just can't hardly hold back his disgust when Sookie prances about all giggly and googly-eyed in regards to Bill. Few in Bon Temps can. And those that could are dead.
  • The mortician's assistant was the fourth body found in the fire set by three hick vamp racists, responsible for killing the pack tormenting Bill. Irony.
  • Hoyt, one of the sweetest characters in Bon Temps, polite and without an agenda, is certain to get more devotion from the show once a lady enters his life later. For now, he just talks nice to folks. His mom, though, is a busybody chore.
  • Jason being told he's wise by Amy, all sparkly eyed under the influence, had my giggle-box tickled.
  • Lizzy is quite unencumbered with baring herself. Jason and her Amy seem an odd pair, and despite her open-eyed view of things, when the V is gone off go the brights and on comes the darkness.
  • Want to know how Bill feels about his Sookie? Ask the lecherous uncle who thought dirty about his niece, was invited to Gran's funeral by Jason despite being excommunicated by her, found his later years confined to the wheelchair, and met his maker on a very dark night...