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True Blood....

Sparks Fly Out, the fifth episode of True Blood...

Adele Stackhouse had been a delight during the first five episodes of True Blood. Amidst all the lust, desire, yearning to feed from the blood of the living, predatory behavior, dirty thoughts, strangled vampire lovers, and the like Gran was our humanity, the peace and comfort, quiet wisdom, wholesome posterity. At the end of Sparks Fly Out, with Gran lying in a pool of her own blood, having died defending herself to the fullest she possibly could, I felt I lost quite a gift the show took from me. The question would come: what does Sookie and Jason do without her stability and calming presence?

Sookie decided she would not carry on a romance with Bill. The experience with the trio of bloodsuckers, visit to Fangtasia, and Bill's glamor of a vampire racist police officer were enough to warrant reevaluation of all things concerning a relationship with him. Of course two episodes later she's given her virginity to him, allowed Bill to feed from her, and happily flaunting the bite in front of locals at Merlottes.

Jason is lost to an addiction to V. Lafayette has produced a vampire blood he simply can't get enough of. Soon Lafayette tells him no more, cutting off the supply due to Jason's unraveling addiction and out of control behavior (episode, Burning House of Love). Lafayette had taught Jason to take smaller doses to gain astounding visual hallucinations and a wicked sex drive. By the end of BHoL, he was snorting it through the teaching of a striking hippie, Amy (Lizzy Caplan), for whom he was acquainted when attempting to score some V at Fangtasia.

In SFO, Gran had requested Bill speak about his experiences in the Civil War and ties to Bon Temps ancestry at a church with all the locals in attendance. She wasn't anti-vampire. She didn't discourage Sookie against seeing Bill. She was interested in his history, insight, back story. Was she the intended target? Or was Sookie? Wrong place, wrong time?