Vampire Knight - Memories of Blood

Some extra development to Zero in this episode of Vampire Knight, as we see him battling the urges for blood as the intensity of that is gradually eroding his stability. His hatred for vampires also factors into his stubborn resistance as Father (Headmaster Cross) continues to offer blood tablets he turns down. Retreating to a horse's stable to hurt and suffer, a girl student from day school emerges to give him a packaged chocolate. Zero even combats the urge to feed from Yuki when the two of them are alone in the bathroom of their dorm. Yuki tries to secretly conceal her infatuation and desire, love really, for Lord Kaname but her best friend and Zero realize all too well how she feels. Yuki is in his debt, and that experience where he rescued her from another vampire has forever  tied them to each other. Memories of Blood shows Zero bravely, or perhaps foolishly, encourage a fight against multiple vampires from night school, with Yuki arriving to stop it in the nick of time. Yuki as a delicate, sensitive sisterly figure for the brooding, inert, seemingly catatonic Zero after his traumatic experience losing his family is shown, her undressing him, wiping away the blood from his neck. Slight hints of sexual tension between the two, but Zero realizes her heart is for Kaname. The episode takes place during Xocolatl Day, a school event favoring Valentine's Day where the girls can offer chocolates to boys and vice versa. Of course, the girls are crazy mad for the vampire boys, especially Kaname. Kaname, although quietly honored, only really wants Yuki's chocolate...

Lord Kaname


Zero among night school vampires