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True Blood - Plaisir d'amour

Plaisir d'amour, episode nine of True Blood, focuses on Bill killing Longshadow, bartender of Fangtasia stealing from Eric when an attempt is made on Sookie's life. A vampire killing a vampire over a human is considered ill-advised. Bill, because of this, must answer for his actions. Eric continues to sulk and brood, while his Pam takes a shine to Sookie, realizing why Bill is enamored with her. Tara is starting to really get on my nerves, I must admit. Sam tries to conduct relations/romance with Tara but she runs off profanities and outbursts at him that just makes it impossible. She's just always going off on folks, and so the voodoo woman tells her a nasty demon inside causes all it, offering to cleanse the body and soul for a large sum. Bill requests, as much as it pained him, Sam watch after Sookie. Of course Sookie and Bill share a deep, passionate kiss while Eric seems unimpressed and Pam snarky. Then there's Amy insisting Jason keep their vampire (Stephen Root) chained in the basement, fresh V coming right off the tap. Jason strikes up conversation with him, though, while Amy is off waitressing at Marlotte's. And now Sookie's cat is even killed, hanging off the ceiling fan, for her to discover.  Whether it is Sookie going off on Andy for no new developments in her Gran's murder or aching at losing Bill, her life is quite complicated.