Scream - Betrayed

Slasher films are known for their playful false emphasis on placing temporary suspicion on characters that have a secret which could very well implicate them. If anything it is a nice swerve, creating just enough doubt so that we​ at least contemplate the possibility that this or that character could be the killer. Never for a minute did I even allow myself to believe Audrey was the killer. DNA of hers found on a Brandon James mask is enough to initiate suspicion from Detective Raine, found at the hospital. Audrey feels her feet in the fire and uses her dad's cell to call Emma in the hopes she can locate a damning recording on a SIM card. Mad about the kiss recording by Nina that went viral, an enraged Audrey threatens revenge as Rachel tries to calm her down. Emma and Noah rush to Audrey's, finding the card. But they can't just destroy it. The rage brings them to a place never anticipated... could their buddy be the Scream killer?!?!

Will is at odds with Jake, taking the recording of the mayor, and his unspent money. Will tries to talk with Brooke, but Jake has convinced her that he's the blackmailer. His fate at the end, when he implicates the mayor thanks to Piper who recorded it all, as the Scream killer emerges, is a nifty cliffhanger, with his body dragged away.

I also thought a nightmare with Emma seeing herself as the Scream killer was well done. She comes through for Audrey and her budding romance with Kieran seems on the rise. Her mom takes her to the James house, and Maggie appears to indicate Brandon wasn't the killer, that perhaps he was falsely accused! That is nicely planted for us to chew on as the show continues.

Jake reveals his dark side in the weight room as Will is lifting, providing a seed planted that might play into the conclusion of this episode.

Piper continues to get juicy Intel on those in town and finally being in the same room with and attacked by the Scream killer brings her right into the story, removing her as an observer.

Noah has some very funny pop culture jokes peppered throughout, too. Quite a fun episode despite what the title of it might suggest.

Oh and Maggie in a relationship with Sheriff Hud while Emma is involved with Kieran makes for an amusing conundrum.