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The Vampire Diaries - You're Undead to Me

The show was building towards the big climax at the end of You’re Undead to Me. You knew that Elena would eventually figure out that Stefan was a vampire. Because Stefan was secretive about his past, Elena had issues of trust that kept her from fully embracing him as a boyfriend. Matt is always the respectable, friendly former beau willing to be there for her, even having a conversation with her about Stefan at the Mystic Grille. As Family Ties concluded, Stefan locked Damon away in a room at his home so that he couldn’t interfere with his life and continue to feed off locals, especially Caroline. “Holes of memory” are “missing” from Caroline’s mind and she forges ahead not knowing where Damon went to after Stefan informed her he was “gone for good”. Meanwhile Damon is starved of human blood, with the weakening herb in his system gradually deteriorating him. Stefan can’t take any chances and Zach encourages the situation to remain as is with Damon concealed and imprisoned so he can’t harm others.

God, I just want the Jeremy/Vicki angle to end. Just to fucking end. He’s fifteen and hasn’t a clue what a real relationship is supposed to be. Vicki is either waitressing at the Mystic Grille, getting high on pills Jeremy gets her, or smoking dope with buds in the cemetery. Jeremy wants a real relationship with Vicki but at the end of the episode Damon take a good, long bite from her. How does Damon get out? He still has a remnant of his control in Caroline. He draws her to his location and she is under his spell just enough to unlatch his door. I mean, come on. You knew he was getting out. I just figured they might milk it for more than one episode. But he’s snapping Zach’s neck immediately and trying to chase down Caroline. The missing ring Stefan takes off Damon’s finger leaves him vulnerable to sunlight. Stefan spends his time trying to win over Elena, making her a meal and attending a car wash (orchestrated by Caroline). But she eventually puts it all together. He sees blood on her finger during a cut on an onion in the kitchen, and his face reacts to the hunger, as Stefan turns away and Elena tries to determine why his eyes seemed to change. When an older local in town recognizes Stefan in the Mystic Grille from 1953, Elena becomes suspicious. She researches the archives at a television station and finds a news report from that time, and there’s Stefan, briefly caught on camera. Therein lies the dilemma for Stefan going forward. His secret out, how will Stefan respond? Meanwhile Bonnie’s Carrie skills intensify. She causes water to explode in a rival’s face out of a bucket and sets pavement on fire, engulfing a nearby car in flames. Jenna can’t escape the charms of news reporter, Logan Fell, from her past, agreeing to date him, cautious and careful not to fall too deep in love due to his actions in the past regarding infidelity. Caroline’s police officer mom (who she never fails to remind that her father left her for a man) briefly meets Logan about vampire matters, but this isn’t the focal point of this episode. That is for a later date.