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Bad Milo!

This dark manifestation from stress and anxiety grows into the form of a creature that exists inside Ken Marino (working at a finance company for wholly corrupt Patrick Warburton, working the persona he has perfected his entire career, the narcissist in for himself and only concerned about his own well being) and wants to leave out his ass (I can't make this up) and eat from people that might either have caused him to react agonizingly due to developing situations working against him or are in the wrong place at the wrong time. His wife (the very pretty blond, Gillian Jacobs) pines for a family although Marino isn't exactly ready for that yet. Marino's mother, Mary Kay Place, has married a much younger man (Kumail Nanjiani, doing his customary scene stealing) always bragging about their kinky sex life at the dinner table (!). And Marino has always been bothered by the absent father (Stephen Root; I have seen this guy a lot lately; he once again leaves a lasting impression as this aging hippie seemingly uninterested in any talk about his son's feelings towards their lack of a relationship) who just doesn't seem willing to be involved with him on any familial level. Milo, the creature Marino names it, is kind of cute considering he's almost phallic in nature (lots of anal humor and sight gags), particularly when it bats its eyes and blinks, offering a baby-like smile when not enraged and the mouth full of sharp teeth emerge ready to devour. The plot is so silly and the ass jokes commonplace, but the cast go all in. They have fun with the material and because of their spirit, I didn't tire of this like I thought I would. The monster living in the body, only encouraged to leave its home when its host is emotionally affected by developing bad situations, causing Marino to shit constantly or suffer stomach cramps that often get so painful they incapacitate him, and this ludicrous plot give a whole new meaning to creature feature. Can't leave out Peter Stormare as a new age therapist who counsels Marino, realizing he needs Milo in order to survive and ultimately live a happy, healthy life. It seems when harm comes to the creature it in turn hurts the host. So that isn't an option if host wants to live and survive. When Milo and Root's monster go at it, with even a knife wielded, I just threw my hands up. This is really absurd. Warburton getting his just desserts, though, after what he does to the company, is satisfying. Milo wanting to take care of Jacobs because she informs Marino she's pregnant bookends the film with the worrisome debate for him on how to stop the monster, not kill it, and save himself (and Jacobs) in the process. Ironic murder: fertility doctor, after servicing a woman in a back alley but not getting the same oral treatment, begins to masturbate with the resulting icky munching on privates!