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The Butcher

2006 rural body count slasher regarding young adults on their way to Vegas, running afoul of backwoods maniac with scarred face and his demented wife.

And once again my basic above synopsis covers yet another slasher film with zero budget, uninspired plotting, familiar characters, going-through-the-motions direction, flatly dull photography, and total lack of surprise in the kills. The barbwire in the road causing flat tire, rich prick jerk-off acting like a juvenile until he's sawed asunder by chainsaw, killer in a truck proclaiming, "It's harvest time" as he pursues final girl hottie with thin wasteline showed off in tank top, police deputy who winds up doing little to help and dying not long after arriving at house of killers, little girl with no tongue (!) found by the "city outsiders" more than a bit worse for wear who just screams "untrustworthy!", the expected misfit family hijinks, lousy makeup on the killer's face, drowning through a tub of strawberry milk (!), body severed in two when lesbian flashed her boobs to the killer while sticking out of SUV sun roof, razor wire used as hangman noose on the lesbian's girlfriend, barbwire trap wounding remaining male hero who tries to warn deputy (who, no surprise, doesn't heed him) to no avail, and typical finale where killer fails to capitalize on vulnerable quarry despite having advantage. The killer actually has victims right where he wants them yet simply doesn't take care of them, including Tom Nagel with a bum leg standing right in front of him in his truck and Catherine Wreford handcuffed to a pipe. Daughter dearest actually let's Wreford go despite having no reason to. And the killer is viciously stabbed yet, as anticipated, rises to pursue the remaining survivors. Ending is just ugh. Wreford is nice to look at, though. Daughter running out in the middle of the road to cause wreck, with the kids seeing her quite supposedly victimized will probably have few fooled. Imminently skippable.