Supernatural - Pac-Man Fever

Felicia Day, oh how smitten I am. The whole colorful redheaded nerd with cute quips and delightful pop culture laced language just made me swoon. I want a show built completely around her! Someone make it happen, please! Leaving and coming back to this show is a bit of a pickle for me I so realize, but I just thought the title of the episode was yummy chum I couldn't swim past. It is tied to a continuous looping nightmare involving The Red Scare, a Nazi vampire shooter game Day's Charlie--hacker extraordinaire--and eventually Dean become trapped in thanks to a "Djinn relative" whose touch feeds off fear, sending the victim into a state of forced looping nightmare. Dean takes a drink from African root which works as an equivalent to the Djinn touch, getting Sam to punch him out.

Sam is weak in body, recovering after dealing with another spiritual battle, and Dean seriously worries about his recuperation. Hunting for Sam is questionable as he's shaken and in agony. Men in Letters branch killed in the 50s, this secret society that were considered elitist, brainy investigative, and the holder of knowledge meant almost exclusively to them, had an unused bunker / compound the Brothers Winchester occupy as a base. It comes in handy. Charlie tracks them down and even voluntarily agrees to hunt with Dean, posing as a FBI agent although partaking in such a role seems to be quite a challenge for her especially when a coroner demands a chain of custody form to see a body in her morgue.

Two video gamers stumble on the body of a Djinn victim, bloated and squishy. A blue mark on the victim's arm is the Djinn's calling card. Maybe their poking it with a stick was unwise. The coroner ultimately surprises Charlie, with eyes of blue. She had been caught by Charlie in her building so that Dean and Sam could investigate the nature of the victim. Fashion and the need of a form, the power suit and hoping for advice on shoes; Charlie works hard to hold the coroner at Bay. Day is such a doll. My heart flutters as she offers, "Actually I have two, Xbox and PS3." This is her response to Dean's question on if she had any siblings. Sam does help to keep Dean and Charlie safe while in their dream state while a second Djinn emerges.

Charlie dealing with a mother brain dead thanks to a car wreck she blames herself for, Dean helping her cope and deal with all of it in a healthier way, and encouraging her to conquer her fear. Her dressed as a female Rambo in The Red Scare, popping off shells from her shotgun as vampires come from all directions, and wearing that pony tail just melted me like milk chocolate.

Great episode offshooting the main angels/demons arc in favor of focusing primarily on secondary monsters and the Brothers bonding stronger, as Charlie hits them up for an adventure. Dean is softer than usual, hugging Sam (who could use it) and being a confidante to Charlie.

Kevin Tran, a secondary character Sam and Dean are searching for is mentioned as is Castiel. Crowley tormenting Kevin it seems. These ties to the show's main arc are mentioned in passing but aren't​ encumbering on Pac-Man Fever. It can almost function as standalone.