Trustees dying, a boy found ritually murdered, the personalities of important older folks in England taking the bodies of the young, the bonfire taking a mother who is burned alive, kids dropping off cliffs, Cushing as a renowned pathologist, Lee as a police authority knowing something's up with a prestigious island orphanage, hypnosis revealing the presence of another in a girl reliving a bus incident that conjures someone else, hospital psychiatrist found with star found stabbed in his temple, and a journalist, looking to gain her "bread" with the right exploitative stories, finding her conscience make up the plot of Nothing but the Night (1973). Diana Dors, as determined mother trying to locate disturbed daughter on the island, steals the film, with her aggressive and many times hostile approach, has this character deemed dangerous but her role is a red herring, obviously. Cushing has more screen time but basically studies in a lab while Lee seethes as his attempts to protect the kids with the staff roadblocking him at every term. Talky script and kind of drags for me, and I'm someone who is a patient with a movie wanting to build a plot through character conversation. Just, for whatever reason, I felt this film could have been paced better and had less "let's find Dors on the island" reliance.