As kids we all watch films and certain ones just have something about them that strikes that sweet spot so substantially appealing to us. Whether the right casting has something to do with it (Katt from The Greatest American Hero or Richard Moll from Night Court), or specifics (cool looking monsters or body parts that simply won't stop moving or causing mischief) that strike the right chord even if the overall execution might be considered schizo in tone and plot. One of the chief complaints of House (1986) is that it could never decide what it wanted to be. I can't dispute that critique, but the dramatic highs and lows and the disquiet of the tone do lead to a satisfying close I have always felt. Even if actions in the plot don't hold up well to close scrutiny--how has the kid survived all the time he was lost in that other dimension or had the passage of time in the existing world Katt and us live mean very little opposed to the dimension his son was trapped?--there were particular parts that just felt right at home (pun intended) with me.