Normally around mid-to-late August, I start developing ideas for which movies I'll bundle together in October. Watching biographical docs on Manson and his victims, sadly a special on Sharon Tate inspired one of my first choices to open October this year: Fearless Vampire Hunters. I'm thinking about getting back into the old Dark Shadows soap, so I decided on perhaps House of Dark Shadows as a second film. In the past, as tradition, I watch Dracula's Daughter, but not this year. I'm thinking House of Dracula or House of Frankenstein.

I had intended to revisit Dan Curtis' Trilogy of Terror and Dead of Night in June, but never got around to it. Now I'm thinking they would be ideal for October this year.

Last October was the shits. Working night shift, I was unable to fully appreciate the month as so planned. Still, I did watch a lot of movies. Two newbies I thought about including this year: The Midnight Hour & Trick or Treat, both cult 80s movies I've never seen. Built around Halloween time, they seem perfectly appropriate.

That's what the month and holiday means to us. Two months in advance we get all excited about another year of October. What will we watch and how many films can we cram in? July, and Halloweenmonth couldn't get her sooner.