"What the fuck is that?!?! What the fuck is that?!?!"

So you see previews of Blair Witch (2016), and all the elaborate effects that money could by. A marginal budget, a bit of ingenuity, a clever marketing campaign, three regular looking folks, and a damn good syfy channel documentary called Curse of the Blair Witch, which is an effective companion piece, and The Blair Witch Project (1999) sank it's teeth into pop culture, with a ferocious overbite that continues to this day. Some might consider Curse even better because it perpetuates the mythos. In the new sequel's trailer, you immediately see how it goes for the "all will be seen" approach. In the selected scene above, the documentary is must-see so it all comes together efficiently. The children, the back story of the witch, the description of the three missing students, the students' attitudes about the project, and the location itself. But where the footage is found is especially creepy. But the scene above focuses on what Heather sees and what the three hear, experiencing something quite mischievous...and possibly malevolent. Blair Witch 2016 will be reaching out to those who want everything unwrapped and unveiled. For those detractors who bitched and griped about seeing nothing in the 1999 film, I imagine the 2016 film will perhaps satiate some of them. Of course we horror fans are a fickle bunch. Hard to satisfy a majority.