Well, it has been fun for me so far, getting my Trekkie on and all. Just watched Spock having to deal with a command where logic and no emotion are at odds with those on a crashed shuttlecraft with him. Crew members die because of furry primitives on a planet heavy with ionosphere and Spock spends his time helping Scotty repair the failing shuttlecraft while they balk at him about giving them a proper burial with respect worthy of officers dying on mission. Kirk is on the Enterprise hoping rescue missions can find them or a sign of them while a commissioner constantly reminding him that he must reach a colony needing medical supplies for a plague, initially what Spock, Bones, Scotty, Don Marshall and others were sent in their Galileo shuttlecraft for. Seeing Spock mistakenly predict behavior pattern for the creatures through phaser fire thinking they could scare them, he does come up with some inventive defense response and his orbital "flare" ingeniously sends off a type of beacon for Kirk to find them.

Kirk matching wits with a Romulan commander (Mark Lenard) who has a Bird of Prey which can cloak, engaged in battle after the Romulans attack Federation outposts. Kirk proves here that he was quite a genius when forced to face a foe he's unfamiliar. Understanding that in order to use their weapon, a heavy pulse, it requires a lot of power and they must uncloak in order to fire. Kirk even uses warp when one such pulse charge is fired, learning that it's intensity suffers the further it must travel. The strategies of battle are here as Kirk faces the likelihood of entering the Neutral Zone which separates Federation and Romulan space in order to defeat them.

Both "Galileo Seven" and "Balance of Terror" deal with how bigotry exists, and how others view Spock based on his logic, appearance, and lack of emotion. These are in my Top Ten favorite Star Trek Original Series episodes. Spock dealing with crises and those under his command questioning his way of handling matters, with Marshall's Boma and Bones especially in his face and assertive about his approach regarding choosing officers to stay behind to make weight on the shuttlecraft and the efforts on fixing the shuttlecraft instead of the burial. Challenged in a heated debate while helping Scott, Spock had his hands full. Paul Como's Stiles lost relatives to the Romulans in their previous war, harboring a hate for them. Not knowing what they look like, a viewing screen look-see allows Kirk and company to get a description and the Romulans favor Vulcans. Stiles builds a distrust, completely unwarranted, for Spock. Just because he favors the Romulans. This is as potent today as it must've been back then.