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Scream - Ghosts

Scream - In the Trenches

That ending, though. Seriously, fucking warped and right perfect for the slasher genre. Leads you on that wild goose chase, resolves you into belief that at least for this episode the killer failed, and then a trip wire Emma haphazardly crosses flips on a trenching machine which splits open a victim's head.

The Drownsman

A young woman named Maddy (Michelle Mylett) has a devastating fear of the water and her attractive gal pals set up an intervention with help of a spiritualist but their efforts hurt instead of help, putting them all in danger when the monstrous form of a serial killer pulls them into his evil lair by way of the wet, whether out of puddles or drips. Caroline Korycki is Hannah, Maddy's best friend, named of Maid of Honor for her wedding...A wedding Maddy's unable to attend due to the rain outside! This missing of the wedding initiates Hannah into action, looking to shake Maddy from her phobia, not realizing that embracing the water would unleash Sebastian Donner (Ry Barrett) on her and those in attendance trying to assist. Sebastian doesn't want Maddy to be cured, specifically harboring an agenda she will perhaps unwittingly allow him to carry out successfully. Water is a theme heavily emphasized, it's use essential in how the killer operates through travel and supernat…

Days of Darkness

Steve and Mimi (Travis Brorsen and Roshelle Pattison) are unprepared for what awaits them after a nice night out together as a comet passes by. It seems “dust particles” from the comet, when breathed in by those on the surface of the earth, are turned into flesh-eating zombies. Once inside the human body they start to incubate and then form fetuses inside, connecting to the brains of their hosts, turning whoever the possess into some type of hybrid organism that can exist on the planet. Steve and Mimi encounter a human not invaded who fends off some zombies with a machete, but not before Steve is bitten by one of them. However, in this kind of zombie film, a bite doesn’t cause the person bitten to turn into a zombie. It took the comet’s passing and what came off it to turn you into a zombie.


Steve and Mimi are taken to a shelter on the outskirts of (I’m guessing) Hollywood. Those among them are an assortment of folks, ranging from a former porn star and her daughter to a salesman an…

The Vampire Diaries - History Repeating

Bonnie and Caroline took a backseat to Vicki for a few prior to 162 Candles, and History Repeating truly gives them a launching pad for their own arcs. Bonnie is receiving visions from an ancestor, Emily. Emily was Katherine's servant, and then the burning church back story involving her and the demise of vampires (except Stefan and Damon) is further elaborated.

Damon loved Katherine and his return to Mystic Falls involves her "release". Not just gets but those of her kind not quite burned alive as oft-reported. A deal was made between Emily and Damon regarding Katherine's "safety". Emily, taking possession of Bonnie after an ill-advised seance (recommended by Caroline after a talk about witches and hauntings), at Elena's, reneges on the deal, with Damon unable to stop her. Later on in the episode, The Turning Point, Logan also mentions to Damon that the one that turned him was interested in finding Katherine. Logan is put down by Alaric. Denied Kather…

The Vampire Diaries - 162 Candles / History Repeating / The Turning Point

The soap opera bends but often doesn't break. It gives and takes. Whether or not vampires are involved, it doesn't matter. Stefan, 161 year old vampire, celebrates a birthday in 162 Candles, with 360+ year old vampire friend, Lexi (a particularly luscious Arielle Kebbel) visiting. She keeps in her possession blood bags to sustain herself, admittedly unable to just handle the animal kind. Lexi is not a fan of Damon. Damon seizes an opportunity to persuade Caroline's cop mother and her vampire hunting team away from him and Stefan. Lexi will serve as the scapegoat. In the next episode, History Repeating, Lexi's cheap death was a bit too concluded without much rage expended between Stefan and Damon. A stake is used by Stefan on Damon more for symbolic means (I could have killed you but I resisted) than to end his reign of human feeding and revenge against him.