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Phantasm: Ravager

and undesirable, all good things must come to an end. Time takes and death upends the glorious and great. 2016 took many from us. That year took Angus Scrimm. This film gives him a proper sendoff. Okay, so many have and will continue to balk about that previous sentence.  I think it does. Scrimm became Legend with the career character that is The Tall Man, a Boogeyman conjured, we first thought, from the tormented psyche of a young man who lost his brother in a car wreck. Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) experiences adventures with his brother, Jody (Bill Thornbury), and together they encounter The Tall Man and his robed minions, small-sized bodies of those who have died, miniaturized at Morningside Funeral Home, many of them barreled and shipped off to the another red world, found once entered through a dimensional gateway between two poles. Introduced was Lady in Lavender (Kathy Lester), a female disguise or figment of The Tall Man, a knife ready to stab once she seduces you, a…

Scream Queens..And so ends the..

First Season. It was fun. The finale of course went off the deep end as slashers often do, with this ridiculously elaborate set up that gets the final killer off because she's the smartest, most cunning, and slippery girl in the Kappa House. There's another killer who also involved in getting his hands bloody, as the Red Devil costume can be a disguise for anyone to use if needed. Boone, Rodger and/or Dodger, Gigi, Taylor Swift fangirl, Sam, Candle nut, Earl Grey, Caufield, and the Dean's husband: just some to head off the mortal coil with Red Devil so often to blame. Even the first student mascot to wear the Red Devil and Ice Cream Coney disguise just happened to be shit outta luck. And don't even get me started on the poor pizza delivery guy who paints the sorority house red when the final killer straps a bomb to him, with a timer rigged to explode!

The Last Flight

Once again, I didn't realize I had already written for an episode of Twilight Zone, having put myself through the writing process and then noticing a review already on my IMDb account.