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Watching Halloween (1978) later tonight, gosh LA looks a lush green! I wish I didn't read trivia or watch docs. Kind of can have you seeing things as they really are instead of what is intended to be. Maybe they should have just picked a California town instead?

Haddonfield Night

Granted, watching these Halloween movies is not recommended for anyone of us who have them in original form on AMC. Commercials interrupting during key scenes, abruptions that are jarring and annoying. I just do it because this is a lazy day for me where I don't care all that much. That said, I really like the opening of Halloween II (1981) where Michael is on the loose through the Haddonfield neighborhoods as police look for his whereabouts, while kids are still out and about. Very active and alive is the cinematography and Cundy is a godsend to director Rosenthal. The hospital is too empty and right the opposite of the neighborhoods. Plus it is implausible not to think armed law enforcement wouldn't be posted at Laurie's room or available as protection.

It's Halloween Again

I took the day off and just kind of taking it easy as the Halloween films are ongoing thanks to AMC Fear Fest marathon, as they are on rotation. I'll go to my Blu to legit watch the original tonight probably. I can say at 39, my fondest memory of Halloween (1978) was a Halloween night when I was a kid after trick or treating, getting a chance to hang out afterwards at my grandmother's house where my cousin once lived, arriving to his room where the film was on HBO. I almost want to say it was around 87 or 88. I can't be too sure on the exact time, but it was late 80s. Maybe a bit earlier perhaps. It was an awesome time to be alive, as cable and VHS were taking shape and I was at the right influential age, this was on at exactly when it needed to be. Loomis prowling the streets for Michael, Laurie trying to defend herself against the boogeyman, and Carpenter's score pressing all the right buttons, I knew as a youth this would be a lifelong relationship. It's cool I…

Challis, Can't Keep a Good Doc Down

I was over at the movie message board for Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) while watching it on AMC (it was on and I was too lazy to get my barebones Universal Studios DVD copy of it out so I compromised), and one of the posts dropped a link to the YouTube Disco edit of The Magic Pumpkin.

I think the soundtrack, Dean Cundy's cinematography, Atkins in the lead, and O'Herily as a game sinister villain truly rescue the film from some dopey makeup effects, the Stonehenge connection, and a ton of logic problems (why wouldn't Robot Ellie just kill Challis before ever infiltrating the communication epicenter of her inventor and how come Challis' interference that destroys so much equipment not stop the signal from going out over the airwaves???). Go over to the H3 message board for some amusing logic questions...there are plenty. But the score is pervasive and often quite aurally aesthetically pleasing. It functions in harmony with Cundy's work. It looks and soun…
I don't even really want to waste much of my brain power on it, but Night Before Halloween, which debuted on syfy tonight, went back to the body count curse route. A "curse of the flies" based off a prank sets off on Bailee Madison (of Are You Afraid of the Dark (2010)) and her Hugh school friends. This prank left a girl in a coma while the initial initiator of it eventually dies anyway. The common special effect is a swarm of flies moving about actively pursuing Madison and her friends (using "friends" loosely since most of them turn on each other), while each tries to stay ahead of them and alive. One must die before Halloween strikes so the others live. Kids die, the police are involved, and the flies form various shapes like a snake, extended arms, and this line that swarm towards intended victims. The CGI flies are the film's featured villain, and that sinks this Halloween Eve curse hands outing. The young cast spend their time trying to figure out how…
It's been an okay October. No great shakes. Many films were set aside for the month that returned to their cubby hole. By the 20th, the dog days set in and I could hardly crack one movie a night. That said, some favorites still made the month while many others that often do just didn't. Every year can't be 2012, the best the blog has ever seen in October. I hope to marathon the final day and break from horror a few days. Cleanse the palate a bit. But not much.

Hood of Horror

He Doesn't Drink...Wine

Walpurgis Night is mentioned in a stagecoach, the night of evil. Superstition is how Renfield sees that, but he'll learn soon enough. The film for me is not just the iconic presence of Lugosi, the great, but for Dwight Frye. There's a scene where poor lunatic Renfield sobs in his sanitarium cell, wanting to be fed, stranded by his master until needed. His eyes are white and wide, practically all that can be seen in his darkened cell. Dracula summons him, Mina is to be a vampire bride. Renfield mentions that God wouldn't damn his soul, a poor victim of the bite. Mina might be the prize for the count but Renfield is the tragic character that isn't as lucky as her to have the luxury of being spared by Van Helsing's stake. I reckon the Castle Dracula scene between Dracula and Renfield is my all-time favorite Gothic horror scene. The introduction of Dracula and Renfield responding to what he experienced continues annually to be a treasure for me personally. I love the …

Ju-on (2003)


Burial Ground