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We'll Swallow Your Soul!

Another Saturday night with Evil Dead II (1987), and I can always be assured of a good time. Bruce never fails to throw himself into the part when it comes to his Ash and Raimi certainly seemed to depend on his star's physicality and star power. The dishes breaking over his own head by his (sort of) own hand is a great example of what I'm talking about. Sure the dishes were made to be breakable but it's rather fun in its constant shattering as the facial wavering and wooziness by Bruce sells the physicality.

I do see how this could be scrutinized. I think it is always hard in horror films where a hand is taken off to sell the horrible injury. I think you can instantly tell Bruce's hand was just fine underneath the shirt sleeve...particularly, when loading his shotgun. If you think about it: there is about fifteen or so minutes where Bruce spends time against his severed demonic hand...and holds the time well without boredom. Equipping the hand with its own "voice…

Camp Blood

Another Friday the 13th greets us once again. Each of you has their own marathon planned, perhaps in advance, and will once again venture into the wilds of Jason Voorhees' domain. I decided on Part 2 myself. The Steve Miner duo, if you will.

 Paul: I don't wanna scare anyone, but I'm gonna give it to you straight about Jason. His body was never recovered from the lake after he drowned. And if you listen to the old-timers in town, they'll tell you he's still out there, some sort of demented creature, surviving in the wilderness, full grown by now... stalking... stealing what he needs, living off wild animals and vegetation. Some folks claim they've even seen him, right in this area. The girl that survived that night at Camp Blood, that... Friday The 13th? She claimed she saw him. She disappeared two months later... vanished. Blood was everywhere. No one knows what happened to her. Legend has it that Jason saw his mother beheaded that night. Then, he took his re…

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare