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Splatter University


Splatter University uses the basic tenets of the slasher film. There’s the escaped lunatic who murdered a doctor in his mental institution, taking his clothes, and getting out of the hospital holding him. You have the teacher at a university murdered for no apparent reason (“It seems to me if you’re going to kill someone, you’d at least know them real well.”), stabbed right in the heart, bleeding like a stuck pig. She bleeds out, and cut to a new teacher, fresh out of college herself, landing the same position (considered cursed by the students). Will she be next?

Slasher Series Banner for 2015

A key scene in Slaughter High (1986), when the group realize they're in for a night of hell if they can't get out of the building.

After Midnight


Unremarkable but decent anthology horror film has the wraparound story featuring a rather creepy "Psychology of Fear" professor, Edward Derek (Ramy Zada) offering a gathering to students in his class if they are interested in experiencing "real fear". He was going to have a unique class for the semester at the college of the film, but when he literally causes a jock to piss his pants (a diabolical gun experiment that *would not* be allowed in the schools today), Ed is told to dispense with the shenanigans.

So some of the kids from his class gather at his home, and hence offered are tales which make up this late 80s omnibus.

On the night of his birthday, Kevin (Marc McClure) agrees to take his wife on a "midnight ride". Well, sufficed to say, the car's tire flattens and the only place nearby is an old dark house [natch]. Five people were murdered in the infamous house, but Kevin's wife, Joan (Nadine Van Der Velde), scoffs at it as old wive…

A fun start...

A fun start to the Summer slasher series for me, and I think I chose correctly with this film as a beginning. Starting late in June, I needed a film that wasn't quite set entirely during the school year or at the end, considering May is long gone. A couple years ago, I started too early, but done so because Prom Night (1980) was the key film in the slasher series. This year, I will certainly factor in a slasher movie or two, I imagine, set during the school year, but I hope to add an eclectic bunch of movies to the slate in 2015.

I think some of us, as teens (and, yes, adults), had (or, yes, have) "fantasy posters" we'd love to hang on a wall. I loved specific box arts when I come across them, and this for Slaughter High (1986) was definitely one of them. Before I finish up with closing comments on the film, I wanted to pay homage to the poster that caught my attention at Down's Video as a kid. I would go into this specific store which has two shelf aisles chock…

This isn't Marty McFly we're talking about...

Further thoughts of the film

And the Scarecrow Summer Slasher Series begins....

I was dwelling on what the first film for my Summer Slasher series would be, and I couldn't think of a better start than Slaughter High (1986). Right as the slasher genre was vomiting out the films right and left hoping to capitalize on the successes of the past, Slaughter High was just one of many. It has remained on the lips of slasher fans, though. You go through that check list, eventually a mark goes next to Slaughter High.

I had forgotten how cruel the film is to Marty (Simon Scuddamore), the teenage "nerd" (he was almost thirty when he acted in this!). The teens who torment Marty might not have meant for the horror that eventually befalls the poor guy to happen exactly as it does, but they sure had their fair share of responsibility in it. The acid to the face and when he touches that hot pipe...Jeebuz!Asking us to believe the cast is a bunch of teenage cutups is requesting us to swallow a lot, but the opening sequence is primarily about fifteen or so minutes. Afte…

The Dark Stormy Night: After Midnight (1989)