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Some Ed Wood silliness

What am I getting myself into?
Well, I already know this will be AWFUL thanks in part to the mercilessly droning narrator talks about juvenile delinquency (???), and there's this laughably sparely furnished police station with an Ed Wood picture hanging on the wall (why???). An old couple screech about something nightmarish (that old wife actress is especially wretchedly dreadful) before being led out of the station. Later, after something regarding "those crazy kids and their delinquent ways" (dancing about outside a Sonic drive-in: to shame!), a mauling where a group of bullies pound some unfortunate joker before snatching his cash while some girl watches in boredom (!), and a car wreck (with a shot of some driver dead outside a window; this is Ed setting up a "poignant artistic shot of tragedy"), there's the finale of a bad date where the girlfriend slaps the boyfriend for trying for a little nookie. The boy runs after the girl while some "ghoul&quo…

The Houses October Built

Day of the Mummy

Waxing Nostalgic today