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I had these left over from an episode of Kolchak, the Night Stalker called "Demon in Lace". I had a good time with this one and these were moments that gave me the giggles. Love Andrew Prine, too, so his guest starring along with poor Keenan Wynn (as a homicide detective dealing with mounting stress every time Kolchak appears at his crime scenes) was a major bonus.
 Hitchcock introduces us to a television studio set prior to the episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "Salvage". We see the crew putting together the next scene.

Mr. Hitchcock is lucky he moved towards us to talk!

A nice present/replacement chair for Hitchcock from his crew! Haha.

Something Weird - Smoke and Flesh

This will be my next SWV review. It was a double feature with Alice in Acidland and could very well eclipse it in pure trashy value. Again I have only penned (well typed) a little bit on S&F, which I will include below, but this could actually be fun once it is all accumulated together. SWV has a history of this. One film on the double feature gets a bit more pop while the "additional film" is actually better. I would say this about Satan's Children, for instance, as I felt it was actually more entertaining than William Girdler's highly repped Asylum of Satan (which I would actually like to watch again; as the commentary track audio was kind of fun).

Something Weird - Alice in Acidland (1969)

Thanks to those wonderful folks at Something Weird Video, here is Alice in Acidland.

Adult material involved in this post.


Simple and effective.


E is for Equilibrium : ABCs of Death 2

D is for Deloused - ABCs of Death 2

Into the Dead of Night: Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Being the movie-phile that I am, I just love "happy accidents." There are those times where you literally just stumble onto a movie by accident. So I have this video tape with a completely different movie on it, and I happen to fall asleep during it. The tape kept running in my VCR when I awoken to find Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) on it. It was a borrowed tape. It was kind of neat how it happened, really. I was like, "What is this???" I started watching, totally invested in all that occurred from that point forward. Of course, I just had to rewind it to the beginning. Well, almost the beginning. This was a "late night movie" on TBS when it was recorded, coming after a delayed Atlanta Braves baseball game. There was a movie, the baseball game, and Dark Night. To me, there's nothing quite like discovering a gem you had never heard of. I am a freak for nostalgia. If you come to this blog, you will notice that I wax nostalgic a great deal. I can&#…