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Synchronized Hynosis - Exorcist 2

Well, I'm diving right into this film. I had planned to watch this during October, but I am kind of glad I waited so I can really give this a good bit of my attention and try to find some value in it. I decided that a brand new look at the film was in order. I remember renting this on VHS a few years ago after quite a considerable absence. I recall not exactly coming away all that thrilled about what I had to endure. Still, I'm willing to give it another shot regardless of how I have felt in the past and its rep as an absolute turkey.

The chanting at the beginning of Exorcist II: The Heretic as the credits came across the screen was more thana little unnerving I must admit. Kind of made my skin crawl.

I guess Richard Burton must have asked himself during the making of this film if sacrificing for Equus to star in Exorcist II was worth it. I can only imagine he never expected to be in a film like this towards the end of his career. I guess he just gobbled the booze and…

Passionate Intentions

Passionate Intentions (2015) added 7/17/16
First off, let's just get this out of the way: Ash Hollywood is a feast for the eyes. She shags the same guy in pretty much the same series of positions (Daniel Hunter, as her husband, Greg) over three times and because she simply knows how to move that body and express how good it feels, it never tires to see her work the screen. This is a mean-spirited softcore outing from MRG which includes staples quite familiar with the smut genre: adultery, greed, and blackmail. Ash stars as Lisa, soon to gain a trust fund worth a pretty penny. Greg works out of a rather condo-looking office, with an assistant named Maggie (softcore mainstay, Michelle Maylene) worried about her secretarial job once Lisa gains the money will be in jeopardy. Instead of just seducing Greg, Maggie also wants to blackmail him so she can get some of that trust fund money. An opportunity to do so comes when Greg listens on at a private conversation between Lis…

John Wick


My review for my Imdb account...