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He's out there in Haddonfield somewhere.

Halloween is almost here, isn't it? I will watch one movie Halloween night and that is the John Carpenter classic. This has been one of my worst Octobers in recent memory. A lot of drama in my life and a demanding job have cut into my time and enthusiasm for a month I typically enjoy from start to finish. I was hoping for a better month this year, but it has been exactly the opposite.

However, I'm trying to find my Halloween mojo and started Halloween II (1981) tonight. Loomis has been burdened by his institution's negligence. No matter what he says, Michael struck on Halloween, 1978, and Haddonfield would continue to feel his quiet rage.

Dark Fantasies (2011)

Carrie (Isabella Sky) recruits classmates Megan and Kyle (Reena Sky and Rocco Reed) to participate in their professor's "dream experiments" where you can actually have sex with each other free from the actual physicality, allowed to experience pleasure within a make-believe world where boundaries are absent. Professor Max (Jack Lawrence) actually uses his creation to seduce his female students and manipulate them through cunning means, even causing disruption between Kyle and his lover, Amber (Melessia Hayden). Max uses Carrie, who voluntarily becomes his lover, to bring him fresh female subjects to fulfill his personal desires sexually. Will Max's antics go unpunished or will Carrie see him for what he really is and stop this madness before it truly gets out of hand? This is one of those erotic Cinemax softcore offerings which uses the idea of allowing people to experience sexual encounters within a dreamlike state, but basically just lets male porn stud Jack Lawren…

Hidden Treasures (2013)

Basically Hidden Treasures is a flesh-fest for Michelle Maylene banging the male cast (though, it must be said that Sadie Katz lands two of the male cast members) while looking for gems left in her dead father’s estate. Whether or not Maylene is responsible for her pops’ murder means very little to her seducing every man with dick that enters her orbit. The audacious, brazen behavior of Maylene and the “taken” guys with other girlfriends (Katz & Alyssa Branch) not long after the ladies’ backs are turned in open rooms where discovery could be evident at any time is laughable. Yet again, these movies get guys and gals in rooms to fuck. That is expected in softcore…sex is the draw, as are those in the cast getting busy. Besides Maylene, with her Mediterranean looks, petite body, and tropical island tan, Katz provides plenty of flesh for the eyes and libido to enjoy. Sadie, though, plays a far different character than Maylene. Sadie is meek, timid, and soft-spoken. Unlike the maneati…