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Well, I have continued to juggle around the movie I want to kick off Midnight. I certainly plan for a "werewolvery" day, and it was for a little while on my mind to do it October 1st. But the more I think about it, the more I'm settling on Phantasm as the opening film. One thing's for sure...this year Paul Naschy will be making the cut with some of his El Hombre Lobo movies. I will actually have a couple of First Time Views, with "Magic Sword" & "Yeti" movies involving Naschy's cursed lycanthropy. I would love to find a copy of Frankenstein's Bloody Terror (or, my title for it, Mark of the Wolfman), but attaining a copy has been quite elusive. I would love to also include Curse of the Devil, Night of the Werewolf, & Werewolf Shadow, but I guess it'll determine time constraints which have been burdening me the past two years. I found Cry of the Werewolf, a little-known Columbia Pictures gothic horror, directed with what seems to…
Well, the blog is going October orange and black for the month in its color scheme as I can't think of any other way to celebrate the month in the style it deserves. The anticipation builds, folks, and only three days away is our annual monthly binge on horror of all kinds. Sure, by the end, exhaustion sets in but kicking it off is always a blast.

Welp, the anticipation is stewing...

There's nothing I quite enjoy than mulling over what my first film will be for Halloween-month (I've grown to feel that Halloween isn't just a day but a month of horror-loving joy). I have about three that are duking it out for the first month. I have a rather obscure Columbia Pictures werewolf movie seemingly inspired by Val Lewton, starring Nina Foch, called Cry of the Werewolf, Murnau's Nosferatu seems just right for Midnight, the witching hour, as October begins as the clock strikes twelve, and an old mainstay, Dracula's Daughter, a film which opened the month for years prior to last year, has crept back into my heart. I decided, after a two-year absence, to rejoin the IMDB horror board for the October challenge (Christianne's banner here), which requires me to watch 16 new movies along with the old favorites (31 is the goal, which I'm confidant to surpass rather easily), and I have a slew of new horrors I can choose from. What is always interesting is …

A week or so....


Well, October is soon, but FeardotCom is not a film that is on the month's multi-horror docket. Still, William Malone is the kind of director who knows his shit and a good homage never hurts when a character in his film is in passing. Dr. Gogol from Mad Love gets a little love from Malone in his extremely dark neo-noir horror film. The fact that it is Udo Kier passing by it, with a book in hand meant to hint at what is plaguing his psyche while fleeing something quite sinister, adds a nice touch.

Malone, still quite inspired, decides to name Udo's character after novelist Polidori, famed for The Vampyre and often mentioned in horror stories due to his link to the genre. FeardotCom is sited as terrible and ugly, but Malone made sure to include winks to horror fans like him.


The impact of a drug dealing plan is felt in a number of ways as grocery employees (and those that interact with them) during a night after work encounter unexpected difficulties.

Blue Crush

Anatomy of Hell