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The Monitor (Babycall)


Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman

 A Japanese city is in terror as kids are being kidnapped by a "boogeywoman", an urban legend known as the Slit-Mouthed Woman. While it is believed that someone is merely masquerading as this character told around campfires to scare children, a few locals soon learn that this is anything but imaginary.


Heart of Midnight

After inheriting a club on a seedy part of the city, a young woman with a difficult past tries to put her life together, but she doesn't realize that this won't be exactly easy due to the past and the relative that left the place to her.


I do wonder if this new syfy channel zombie show will be the anti-Walking Dead and not take itself so seriously. I envision an audience wanting to embrace a zombie series that is playful and fun but smart enough not to totally alienate people watching with enough intelligence to desire some storytelling to go with their gory violence and undead walking the earth. I plan to watch Z-Nation and find out. This is syfy's chance to try their own hand at tackling zombies and how humanity deals with them. I'm curious as to what direction these writers plan to go with zombies as opposed to The Walking Dead. I just hope the show doesn't fall prey to the stoopids, though. I think they can make their show just as exciting if not quite as impressive effects wise (I still believe lots of dependency will rely on CGI). I am also curious to see if this show will avoid mimicking other works and follow their own path. What I don't want is the show being constantly mocked as a WD wannabe …

Lorna, the Exorcist

 Lorna is turning eighteen and should be celebrating a welcome future, but she is unaware of her father's deal with a witch that concerns her very soul.


Lucker, the Necrophagous

A serial killer is on the loose and after a particular victim that survived him. The streets aren't safe with this madman on the prowl.


A Scream in the Streets (1973) is yet another of many obscure films with erotic/sexual content "discovered" and released by the great label, Something Weird Video, which is seemingly defined by the unusual, wacky, risque, surreal, provocative, envelope-pushing, often no-boundries-exist content. I love that there are all these kinds of exploitation fare out there just waiting to be seen by a brand new audience. Streets is essentially reminiscent to the softcore of the 2000s. While not hardcore as the decade of the 70s would be known for, Streets ties numerous sex scenes strung together around the case of a transvestite who happens to peep and seems to turn psychotic while dressed as a woman. This singular thread opens at the beginning of the film but doesn't technically define the whole of it in Streets. The guy pops up on occasion to attack a few women, but most of the film is concerned with the police and their sex lives, with the peeping of a lesbian couple thrown in f…


The Purge: Anarchy