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Final Destination 5

Still sorting out my thoughts on this movie, but I can say that this was a hell of a good time for yours truly. Of course, a movie about cheerleaders is always the kind to polarize some and excite others, but I was definitely surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the wild free-for-all of differing elements. The "tonal wallops" that exist in the film seems to be the major criticism along with "female objectification" so forewarning I guess is appropriate for those who haven't seen this. I guess I'm just a Chris Sivertson/Lucky McKee fanboy because their work seems to cause this major divide of hate them or love them. I'm certainly a McKee fanboy, but while many just loathe pretty much anything Sivertson puts out, I seem to like his stuff. I'll try to put together my review for this film on the blog after some reflection.

You have been warned.