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Cutting Class [1989]

A series of murders around a high school has two basic suspects: two childhood friends now rivals for a girl's affections. But who is the killer?

The final slasher of May 2013 set around a school and students is Cutting Class (1989), notorious for being that film Pitt hocks a golf-ball sized loogie at when asked what his worst film is. I have seen it twice, the latest time didn't leave a good impression. I've never really wrote extensively about it so this will be the chance to detail what I don't like and perhaps a few small things that might work, if anything did. Jill Schoelen's presence in the film did help, I will say. After this, the Darkside Blog will head into the woods with two upcoming slashers, The Forest (1982) & Don't Go into the Woods (1981).

Return of the Dragon

 A young man from Hong Kong must outwit and take down a crime syndicate threatening his friend's niece who operates a floundering Rome, Italy restaurant. When a special American fighter is called in to take him out, this Hong Kong fighter will have to use all his arsenal in order to protect his friends from the syndicate's numerous henchmen ****

Silent Rage [1982]

A sheriff must contend with a genetically enhanced man who is a mentally unstable psychopath killing everyone that threatens his existence.

I imagine some would consider Silent Rage (1982) a bit of a stretch for the Slasher Summer Series 2013, but after re-visiting it last night (and watching the last bit today), I do think it qualifies; in fact, I think it more than qualifies. Certainly Norris' involvement in a slasher film will provide Silent Rage with curiosity value, but this film is a hybrid if there ever was one.

He Lives by Night [1982]

Ye jing hun
A radio deejay, Sissy (Sylvia Chang), takes it upon herself to goad a serial killer, with a fetish towards white stockings, dressed as a woman when out to slice, with the main detective (Eddie Chan) and his young partner, "Lousy" Wong (Simon Yam) lying in wait to nab him. But the killer has plans to intrude upon her place of work, the radio station, and respond to her negative comments towards him. Will she be able to survive or can the killer silence her for good?

What is with the photo with the back of the bald head guy?!?!

He Lives by Night (1982) left quite an impression the first time I watched it. This is a film that is quite difficult to come by, but it was well worth the wait. This will be the first foreign slasher to make the Scarecrow Slasher Summer line-up, but I'm excited to bring it to my blog and can only hope a little influence might excite who reads into checking it out if it is possible to get a copy. I certainly think slasher fans should be eager to seek it out if you can. It has comedy but there's lots of style that burns and the killer is not easy to extinguish.

Prom Night [1980]

The death of a little girl might be the catalyst in a series of murders that occur six years later on the night of the prom.

Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion

 Le Foto Proibite di Una Signora per Bene (1970) Told by a blackmailer that her husband had killed a business associate, Minou must, if she wishes to keep him from serving jail time, service him sexually in order to retrieve the taped audio recording, but will agreeing to even do this end this whole ordeal or just complicate her life further? ***

Hide and Go Shriek [1988]

Teenagers have graduated high school and decide to celebrate in the furniture mall owned by the father of one of them. They have no idea that a killer hides in the darkness with plans to kill them. Could it be the hired help currently residing in the mall's basement? Or perhaps someone else entirely?

Night School [1981]

Someone in black motorcycle gear and helmet is using a curved tribal sword to decapitate young women. Who is it and why?
** ½

You just ever watch movies and come across things that just catch your eye? Just random shit sometimes like "Ghetto Ghouls" in graffiti on the walls of a trashy apartment complex where a suspect (basically just a sleazy creep) has a place of residence (posters of naked women as wall decor) or the appearance of the hockey mask resting on a dresser in his apartment? I was watching Night School (1981) in preparation for a blog review for the Summer Slasher series and these moments just kind of leaped out. I don't know what the hockey mask is about but with all the naked girl posters it kind of just seems to clash with the surroundings. Maybe he likes to wear it when peeping on the local college females?

It is that time of the month where kids are getting prepared for their prom and I recall good times at my school so it would be appropriate enough to drop an upcoming review on the film from the perspective of someone who doesn't dislike it as much as find it a bit underwhelming overall. Still, I have watched it several times and seem to find myself viewing the film annually. I do wish I had a remastered version because the current Echo Bridge release in my possession (now you can find the film in those 20 film packages at Walmart and other stores) leaves much to be desired. But it is the version I have so I'll just have to make the best of it.
Well, maybe I won't have to deal with the poor copy after all. I just picked up the Anchor Bay release off of Amazon so perhaps I may actually watch a decent copy that doesn't look like a ratty VHS version. I think, though, that I'll include screen caps from both versions just for the hell of it.

The House on Sorority Row [1983]

Preparing for a post-graduation party is interrupted by the house mother who forbids her sorority girls from using the grounds and building for such an activity. When one of the sisters decides to take some of her pent-up hostility out on the house mother through a prank involving a gun with blanks, and the results end in accidental death, the girls are left with the taxing efforts of a cover up that goes awry when a psychopath disturbs their plans. This killer might just be linked with the house mother.

Not sure why.
I guess I will design a Slasher 2013 page, drop excerpts and the like there. I think it will be easier to write reviews without going overboard as I typically do with screen caps and shit. Anyone who passes by my blog, your willingness to stomach a lot of my junk is much appreciated.
I must admit that the review took a lot longer for this first slasher than anticipated, but it was fun nonetheless. I have some extra stuff I might add to one of my other blog pages regarding the movie. Screen caps and such that didn't make the review. I knew that three days for one movie was enough. Particularly with a movie like Graduation Day. But there's no real hurry because of this is a series of slashers during the summer so I hope to have as much fun with the others that make the line-up this year as Graduation Day. Prom Night (1980) is up next.

Graduation Day [1981]

Laura was a promising track athlete who dies during a race, stunning the little town, all of it happening near graduation day. After this, it seems the tragedy has inspired a series of elaborate murders, while Laura's sister, Anne, returns home for a few days from the Navy to visit. Her homecoming will be met with animosity and danger.

As long as there are slasher fans, Christopher George's memory lives on. You were taken way too soon, Chris.
Well, this is my official banner for the 2013 Slasher Series that will start this month (with graduation and the prom so important this month, I have plans to drop blog write-ups on Prom Night (1980) & Graduation Day (1981)) through August. I had a lot of fun with the Scarecrow Slasher Series 2012 when I found myself re-energized in writing after a considerable degree of non-inspiration (thanks to working for a spell on night shift) last year. I'm not sure what films other than the two mentioned (I do plan to include Slumber Party Massacre II & Sorority House Massacre, as well as, Sleepaway Camp 2) will make the line-up this year. I had a really solid line-up that made the cut (yep, pun intended) last year so this one will perhaps suffer in comparison. But, maybe not.

The Grudge 3

In Chicago, the grudge curse, resulting from Takeo's murder of his wife, Kayako, and son, Toshio (and eventual suicide afterward), continues to spread through an apartment building (and anyone in contact with those cursed by what was brought from Tokyo to it). Will Kayako's sister, Naoko, who has the ability to exorcise the curse, be able to convince inhabitants of the apartment building to help her stop it in its tracks?

The Point of Fear--The Grudge 3

Marebito--In Conclusion

An interesting development happens midway through Marebito concerning “lost time”. 12 seconds to be exact. Masuoka keeps two cameras on the girl from Tokyo Underneath, often staring intently at the monitors when not keeping tabs on her condition. She seems to be getting sick, crouching in the floor, or lost in her own world. The monitors go out for approximately 12 seconds. Masuoka wonders what happened during those 12 seconds.