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Dance of the Damned

Jodi (Starr Andreeff), a stripper in a trashy club in the city, is selected by an ancient vampire (Cyril O'Reilly) to be the next feeding victim, but she won't just go quietly and allow him to feast without providing plenty of reasons why he shouldn't.

9 ½ Weeks

Mickey Rourke is a stockbroker, Kim Basinger, works at an art gallery, and the two kindle a sexual relationship that might (or might not) eventually produce feelings other than pleasure and kink.
**** ½

Marebito--Into the Lair, Out with a Significant Find

Tokyo Underneath

I really enjoy canvassing horror films I really like for the aspects that fascinate the horror fan in me and Shimizu's Marebito (2004) has this feeling that it gives me I'm so often left without in the genre of Hollywood today. A change of locale can help matters if you have a filmmaker and a developing story that offers something quite able to shrug me from complacency.

Marebito--The Need for Terror

A “freelance cameraman” (glorified voyeur?), sees “someone” in the window of an apartment through the lens of his camera. He says through his lens he “salvaged her soul.” Right. Takuyoshi Masuoka is the name of this cameraman. His pursuit of the ultimate terror could be his undoing. In his home, he has all these television monitors and recording equipment. He captured a nasty suicide up close. Masuoka contemplates if the suicide victim stabbed himself in the eye too cease what terrified him. The woman in the apartment also compels him.

Venus in Furs--Closing Write-up

 Well, I'm closing shop with Venus in Furs and it has been quite a pleasure to re-evaluate and re-visit the film after a considerable absence of a few years. I really enjoyed it, I must say. It has quite a fetching babe in the lead, with heavy emphasis on the jazz and locales.