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Witchcraft '88

Sometimes we wax nostalgic for the days of the VHS rental stores and how midnight viewing on HBO and Cinemax featured a lot of variety, now consumed by mainly mainstream studio stuff with kiosks sitting outside Walmart and Walgreens, along with Netflix (although, what we once could rent on dvd here has fallen victim to Long Term Wait and Save, with films we once could get very easily not as accessible as in the past) providing dvd rentals. Now you can “instant stream” instead of driving to a rental store or staying up late while the parents are asleep to catch the “naughty movie” that mommy and daddy forbid. I have to admit that I’m not at all familiar with the Witchcraft series of films that started in the late 80s and continued for (count ‘em) 13 (!) films! 13 of these movies. The mind boggles.


You’ll never be rid of me.
Like the naughty big-bosomed bad girl she is, that vixen, Julie Strain is naked, rubbing baby oil over her body, and calling out a revenge incantation in a sort-of witchcraft ceremony against Edward Albert for scoring a Vice President gig at his law firm over her man portrayed by Larry Poindexter.

Night of the Living Dead 2006

Hitchhike to Hell

Howie seems on the surface to be just a likable, clean-cut, hospitable, polite, seemingly amiable, All-American boy, a young man who drives a delivery van for a dry-cleaning business. He has this trigger that snaps him into a total psycho when he picks up hitchhiking girls who dislike their mama and have left home for “wherever”. Howie loves his mama, but what truly pokes his bear is the reminder of his sister, Judy’s leaving home and never returning. Never returning has always tormented his mama so Howie gets really mad at those ungrateful girls who talk candidly rotten about theirs. When you see him batting those eyes and getting bothered, a killing is on the horizon. Calling these wicked girls Judy while pouncing upon them, slapping them a bit before strangling them (even using a wire hanger once), dumping their carcasses (or just leaving them limp) on the ground at whatever dust stop he decides.

Night of the Hunted

Shannon Tweed

This is an ongoing thread featuring films about Tweed, an erotic actress in the 90s who had already earned a reputation as a voluptuous Playboy bunny with a body that, while not without its enhancements, had an allure and caused quite a bit of salivating and bulging in the crotch of pants wore by many of us sneakily viewing her films when we were aware of our sexual awakenings in our teens.

Written 7/24/2014