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Well, Halloween is about over. As I was writing my final review for Halloween Month, I once again had Carpenter's film in the background playing. That's it. This has been a fun month. I'm pooped. I hope you all have had a good month of horror movie experiences. I have. It seems like Ti West's The Innkeepers has been the movie of this month to kind of travel through the imdb horror board. There's always that film that is on the tips of the tongues and seems to be a topic of conversation and interest. Well, I'm done. Have a nice remaining Halloween.


Trick 'r Treat 2007

Night of the Demons 88

working draft
Word of warning: this review contains nudity

I was putting together my blog review for Halloween III after watching it and Friday the 13th was on. AMC Fear Fest with a slogan "Gore Matters Here". I could only laugh to myself because that slogan is such bull shit. All the gore scenes are cut, and it is 1 am in the morning for chrissakes. It doesn't particularly matter to me because I have the movie on dvd, but I just couldn't help but comment on how stupid a channel can be for claiming such a moniker, doing so with a sense of pride even, only to feature a line up where their movies have all the gore excised.

Halloween: Season of the Witch