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The Amazing Transparent Man

I own a few of those Mill Creek Public Domain sets and have spent the last two months watching a film each Sunday night from one disc at a time. I have avoided those I might have seen in the past, but was in the mood to watch Edgar Ulmer's own take on invisibility and the dangers that could come from having such a power. I grinned as I watched it because, par for the course in an Ulmer film, the cast has some really nasty, crooked characters, although the screenplay dares to later show that even a few of them have some humanity about them. You have a Nazi scientist whose experiments in a concentration camp killed his own wife (he seems like a decent man, not the kind of inhuman, diabolical evil scientist one might normally visualize in such a part; he looks withered and browbeaten), a colonel who suffered an injury in the war that has left him deranged and cruel (using their pasts and current criminal status against them, he can blackmail to get what he wants) wanting an invisibl…