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Dawn of the Dead (1978)

I was writing this for the user comments of imdb, but it went overlong because I couldn't stop writing. I think I need to add photos but at this moment I have other horror films to watch on this particular Sunday. I just enjoy spending an afternoon with Dawn of the Dead. I think many consider the heavier alternate versions overlong, but I just consider them another worthwhile zombie experience.

The review itself...

The plot: America has fallen under an apocalyptic doom thanks to the dead eating on the living with two SWAT members, a helicopter pilot, and a news broadcasting station director “running”, hopping in a chopper, flying off for a place to get away from the threat of destruction, landing on a huge shopping mall, hermetically sealing themselves off from the world around them, until their new “home” is invaded by a traveling group of raiders who move from place to place to pillage and steal to survive.

I finished watching the “extended version” and actually much prefer it to o…

Barbara Crampton

Word of warning: I have added some nude photos so if you do not like seeing a beautiful woman naked leave this blog post now.

Barbara Crampton (along with Rebecca DeMornay in Risky Business and Linnea Quigley in The Return of the Living Dead) was one of the first women I desired sexually as a teenager introduced to nudity.

A fantasy dream girl of mine, Crampton represented everything I have ever been attracted to. She could lose herself into the ‘girl next door’ or some ‘scientist’ in glasses (like From Beyond) part, roles which might hide the sex kitten underneath the disguise. I, however, have admired her willingness to “go all the way” in roles which demand a certain degree of courage.

Let’s face it, naked, strapped to a gurney, with a severed head between your legs, I imagine it wasn’t easy performing in front of the camera in such a situation without a degree of reservation and reluctance. The character was violated in an absurd way unlike anything we had every seen at that time. M…

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2


I just had some random thoughts about Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2, and I haven’t added anything to my blog in a while. So what the fuck, might as well include them here, with some pictures. I included a nude photo of Wendy Lyon (I don’t imagine very many people stop by this blog anyway, so why not?).

Well, if you are gonna rip off “Carrie”, “The Exorcist”, and “Nightmare on Elm Street” then do it right and “Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2” does just that. Wendy Lyon sure impressed me in showing that she could portray two specific characters and mimic Lisa Schrage to a tee. Speaking of Schrage, I relished her so much that I longed for her to be on screen so much longer than she actually was (so seductively sexy in a slutty way yet conveying a sense of menace if her ire is enflamed, you don’t want to cross this woman or scorn her in anyway, her wrath gets your ass killed). The film really is an effects movie, but Lyon’s locker room scene is easily the best sequence of the film goi…