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WWE King of the Ring 2010

King of the Ring opened with US champ Daniel Bryan, on quite a roll as of late coming off two big victories over Ted Dibiase and three over Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler , against Alberto Del Rio( who the WWE creative team seem to adore). I was puzzled as to why the US champion would enter the KotR tournament, but here he is and Bryan doesn't fare too well against Alberto who seems to be on his game, dominating Daniel. A running head butt outside the ring by Bryan with Del Rio capitalizing on the mistake by sending Daniel crushing shoulder first into the wall seals his fate. Del Rio used mostly a mat attack against the much smaller Bryan who himself favored small packages and kicks, only once able to even attempt the LaBelle Lock. Del Rio didn't wait long after Bryan's injured shoulder to lock on the arm wrenching finisher, moving on via tap-out. To be honest I knew right from the get-go that Del Rio would win due to the love he's constantly given. Big Show, …