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The Curse of Frankenstein 1957

But what am I doing? I'm not harming anybody. Just robbing a few graves.

The Hammer film that started it all, the revival which I will forever be grateful. CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN features a far more devious mad scientist than what we were in accustomed to with Colin Clive's creation back in the 30s. Baron Victor Frankenstein as visualized by the incomparable Peter Cushing is methodical, determined, cold-blooded, even conscience-less in that he will not stand for anyone to ruin his experiments in creating life in a man made by his own hands.

To see how heartless and cruel he can be on multiple occasions, just take two such examples. So ruthless a desire to get his hands on a brilliant mind, he will set in motion the murder of a renowned scientist whose ancient body is on it's way already to the grave. So Victor "assists" him in his date with death by staging an accidental fall from the stairs. Victor even pays for the deceased scientist's buriel, inside his own …